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The GIRS -“TITAN” hydropneumatic spearfishing gun is made of titanium, stainless steel and high-quality polymers, is highly reliable, accurate and easy to use. Ergonomic handle with a large safety bracket provides a minimal angle of recoil tossing to increase the accuracy.

Features of a product


Double loading to increase the shot power


Ability to stop loading and continue it
at any time


No corrosion of metal parts, even in
a seawater

BRIEF HISTORY - Our speargun was created in Ekaterinburg in the late 80s - early 90s of the last century. The main idea belongs to Alexander Kuryshev, a well-known athlete, a multiple winner of Soviet Union and Russian Federation competitions, expert athlet in underwater shooting and a passionate enthusiast of this sport.

The speargun was constantly improved, in the 90s it was manufactured in small batches (about 300 copies). Many athletes of that time remember it with nostalgia. It was famous for its simplicity and reliability. Some owners from Primorsky region still have it in operation, despite the constant use in sea water.

For a number of reasons, production was suspended. But in 2018 it was resumed at the new technological and structural level. After completion of individual elements, a patent application was filed. The speargun has become much lighter, more convenient and even slightly cheaper than before.

Video gallery

Real-life use of a speargun
with a laser target designator

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